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Ball link set 2,5mm (TR504-100)


Plastic ball link set 2,5mm. (20 pieces)

RCPROPLUS Pro-D6 Supra X Battery Connector (4 Sets) (8~10AWG) (REB6808PROD6P8)


REB6808PROD6P8 Features: Patented lock design eliminates separation Use with batteries, speed controllers and chargers Recessed plug cavity and solder windows Large, low resistance contact patch Hassle free assembly  Specifications:Peak Current: 200AContinue Current: 160AApplicable Wire: 8 AWGFinish Type: 24K Gold Plated 8 Pair / Bag (T:8M+8F )H: BLK:8pcs/ORG.Cap:16pcs  

Spartan Governor RPM Sensor


This pack includes: 1x Hall effect RPM sensor, set of screws and 2x Neodymium fan magnets.  The magnets are 4mm diameter x 2mm thickness.

Landing gear set (TR550-123)


Complete set of landing gear including white color skits pipes.

5.5 Kits " (TR550-999)


14T/5mm shaft diameter motor pinion included in kit. 19T taildrive pinion included in kit. Precise FBL rotorhead. 2mm carbon frame. No boom support. 1* State of the art batterie slide tray with pull and push lock system included in the kit. 1* Main blade holder caddy included in the kit. CNC 135T Mod 0.7 main gear.   Servos needed not...

Tron Nitron 600 Size Nitro Helicopter


Probably the lightest 50 size nitro on the market, ready to fly weight starts at 2950 grams Rotor head and complete tail are 98% compatible with the Tron 5.5. This makes it super simple and keeps costs in mind. Light, yet very stiff and robust. Mini or full-size cyclic servo option. Octa boom design with oval side shapes, no boom...

Main shaft (TR502-104)


Hollow main shaft.

Canopy grommet (TR504-008)


Canopy grommets.

CNC Maingear Mod 0.7 (tr503-135)


Drivetrain part CNC Maingear Mod 0.7

Head dampeners 90 S (TR504-890)


Head dampeners 90 shore for high rpm and hard 3D flying style.

freddy can fly order m1


Fatboy 550mm RJX Main Blades


Brand: RJXHOBBY Specification: Shape:Symmetrical Wing Length: 550 mm Width: 50 mm Root: 12mm Bolt Hole: 4.0 mm Weight: Approx110g (pcs) Material: Carbon Fiber Features: 1. The 550MM main blades are designed specifically for extreme 3D flying 2. The design is reducing blade noise and power loss 3. The blades’ rigidity have been increased for better anti-torsion characteristics during flight